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Eric Bogatin

Welcome to the official web site of Eric Bogatin, physicist, professor, educator, and author.

Eric Bogatin is the editor of Signal Integrity Journal and provides online video classes through Eric’s physics writings and books are available on

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Four essential tools for wifi connectivity and analysis

When a wifi connection works, it is effortless, but when it doesn’t, or you need something more than just a standard connection, here are a few tools I use all the time that allow for effortless connections. Wi-Fi Analytics is a free analysis tool to identify all available wifi connections and their signal strengths. While […]

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The Universal Globe Spins in the Wrong Direction

What a geek I am. Here we were at Universal Studios Park in Orlando, FL to visit Potter World and the first thing I notice is the Universal Globe is spinning in the wrong direction. It’s the right hand rule. Curl your fingers in the direction of rotation and your thumb points in the direction […]

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