Where to Find The Commands

In this series of experiments on the www.HackingPhysics.com web site, we’ll be introducing many of the common and useful commands. However, its always useful to know where to get more information.

Before you google “Arduino common commands” you should check the reference page that is built into the IDE. 

Under Help select the Reference item as shown below.


This will open up the built-in reference page in your default browser, as shown below.


At your leisure, you should browse through this sheet. Each key word is linked to a landing page with more information on it including the syntax and examples.

In particular, take a look at the functions, under Digital IO, pinMode(). The landing page shows this is how we tell the Arduino how we will use a digital I/O pin, as an INPUT or an OUTPUT. The third mode is Input_PULLUP which connects a 10k Ohm resistor to the output pin.

You can always come back here to look up any command.

In addition, if you have opened a sketch and find a command you want see the details of, you can highlight it and right mouse click to open up its reference page, as illustrated below.


One of the best ways of learning new tricks is to see what others have done and study new commands.