Field of View of our Canon 450D and Two Lenses

In a previous post, I reviewed the fields of view for the Canon 60Da with the C925 telescope. In this post, we look at the fields of view for the Canon 450D camera and  the two lens attachments.

The two lenses are 18 mm to 55 mm and 70 mm to 300 mm. The summaries’ of these all all the tools we have at the Addie Rose Observatory can be found here. Generally, we use the lenses at their hi and low focal length limits.

Here is the summary of the angular fields of view and resolutions for all combinations.

canon 450D 22.2 mm 14.8 mm 5.2 u
18 mm 71 deg 47 deg 60 arc-sec/pixel
55 mm 23 deg 15.4 deg 19.5 arc-sec/pixel
70 mm 18.2 deg 12.1 deg 15.3 arc-sec/pixel
300 mm 4.24 deg 2.83 deg 3.6 arc-sec/pixel